Cooking Classes Are Fun and Beneficial

  The Benefits of Cooking Classes Food has always been a passion of mine. I could spend the whole day watching Food Network or similar networks just to learn about cooking. I am nowhere near calling myself a chef, but I try! I love trying new recipes and finding out...

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Continuing Education

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” -John Lennon How many adults can relate to this quote! It seems when we are in our early 20's we have a carefully crafted plan of how our lives will develop.  We plan our educational choices and our...

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10 Free Event Planning Apps

Event planners now have tools that make it possible for them to be productive at every stage of the event. Thanks to mobile apps they can work on the go- before, after and during the event. These are ten web-based applications that are free for your iPhone or Android...

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Events Have Come A Long Way Since 2005

2005. In 2005, Facebook was a newborn. (In fact, it was still called "The Facebook".) The first video was shared on YouTube. A tweet was the noise a bird made. A hash tag was the symbol for "number." In 2005, the United States was shook by the disastrous Hurricane...

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Venue Rentals

Use our campus facilities for meetings, special events and celebrations.


Learn and network. We welcome conference events.

Leadership and Professional Development

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Speaker Series

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Camps that make the grade with kids and teens. Discover. Explore. Create. Play.