Cooking class fun


The Benefits of Cooking Classes

Food has always been a passion of mine. I could spend the whole day watching Food Network or similar networks just to learn about cooking. I am nowhere near calling myself a chef, but I try! I love trying new recipes and finding out where recipes originated. Taking a cooking class would be ideal for someone who is like me but if you find yourself to be more like my friend, who basically only eats frozen meals, then a cooking class might seem daunting.

The beauty of it all is that it doesn’t have to be daunting to the seasoned cook or the inexperienced! A cooking class isn’t just about cooking, it’s about comradery. Not only is do you get to spend time with your friends and enjoy a drink; you are also learning how to cook some amazing foods! With the added bonus of getting to TASTE your creation, which is hands down, the best thing about a cooking class!

My friends and I recently made a “brookie,” which is cookie dough topped with brownie mix and baked. As simple as it was, since we used prepared dough and a simple boxed mix, we had the best time because we have never made it and we were sure something was going wrong. Not to mention we were having a glass or two of wine in the process. It is going to be a memory to laugh back on for a lifetime.

Food has always been a constant with bringing people together. Cooking classes are the extension of those times with loved ones. After a cooking class, a drink, and some laughs with your friends or family, the icing on the cake is that you get to go home to a clean kitchen! So grab your friends and check out one of St. Bonaventure’s Get Cooking Classes!

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