William C. Foster ’62 Memorial Courtyard


Doyle Hall was originally built as the old friary in 1961 and was used as such until the late 1980’s when the space was recommissioned for student and office use. With its spiritual roots, Doyle Hall features tastefully appointed rooms and tranquil spaces.

Doyle Hall William C. Foster ’62 Memorial Courtyard is located steps from the Doyle Hall Robert R. Jones Trustees Room  and the Doyle Hall Dining Room. This outdoor space features beautiful views of the University Chapel stained glass windows and professional landscaping.

Layout Capacity

Outdoor courtyard available to accommodate up to 150 guests:

  • Cocktail reception


Venue Features:

    • Wireless and high speed internet access
    • Outdoor benches


Flexible menus & on-site catering available.


Doyle hall is located next to Falconio Hall and is just steps from the Sandra A. and William l. Richter Center, Reilly Center and Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts.

Additional Building Spaces

Doyle Hall Robert R. Jones Trustees Room
Doyle Hall Dining Room
Doyle Hall University Chapel