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Strong audio, video and lighting equipment can absolutely elevate an event. Strategic A/V services can be the difference between a smooth presentation and one riddled with technical difficulties or a packed dance floor and an empty one. It’s an opportunity to wow your guests!

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DO ask the venue about “rigging points.” If you plan to hang anything from the ceiling – lighting fixtures, speakers, projectors or decor, it will be important to understand where these are located. At St. Bonavenue, our on-site A/V technician will know these like the back of their hands!

DON’T sign a contract until you’ve talked to an A/V provider with the venue or the one you plan to bring in for your event. They can help review your venue contract and ensure it includes all of the necessary space, equipment and power for your event.

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DO research the latest trends in audio visual, presentation and lighting equipment. This will help give you ideas of elements you’d like to incorporate into your event.

DON’T be shy about lighting! It’s a great way to customize your event with logo projection or string lights. Check out St. Bonavenue’s specific light offerings here.

DO ask about your venue’s live streaming capabilities. COVID has forever changed in-person events. It’s important to account for attendees who wish to attend virtually.

DON’T settle! If your visual content is designed for a 4:3 ratio, don’t accept a 16:9 ratio widescreen monitor. Those mismatches will be noticeable for your guests and are totally avoidable.

DO work with a trained A/V professional who won’t just plug it in and leave, but instead get to know the unique goals of your event to wow your guests with sharp sound and a highly visual atmosphere.

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DO meet with your A/V team early in your event planning. Discuss your event’s size, theme, program outline, entertainment and overall goals. Share your specific expectations and be open to their expertise. They’ve done this a lot and may have ideas that you haven’t thought of yet! 

DON’T expect your A/V team to read your mind! Be clear with them, which may include showing them examples of design, layouts and lights that you like and don’t like. This will help them tailor their recommendations to your specific tastes.

DO listen to the experts! If the A/V team recommends that you rent four microphones, trust them! Cutting corners and renting below the recommendation will have you running around during your event to stretch the equipment to your needs.

DON’T make sweeping changes to your timeline or floor plan before talking to your A/V team. This will ensure you’re always getting the correct equipment to meet your unique needs.

DO provide an informational packet to your A/V team. This should include a timeline, run of show, floor plan and contact information of pertinent members on your team. You may have covered it in meetings or emails, but it’s always helpful to have all critical information in one place for easy reference.

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DON’T skip the run-through. A technical rehearsal with your A/V team is recommended to make sure all presentations are loading properly and all video and sound are operating as expected. This will ensure you stay ahead of any potential hiccups.

DO have a Plan B. It’s important to think about all aspects of your program, how it could go wrong and what you could do to be prepared for that situation. This may include consolidating your presentation files, having backup drives ready or printing hand-outs.

Level Up With Bonavenue

Our on-site A/V technician gets to know the goals and objectives of your program and builds a package around those unique needs. Plus, we don’t leave when your program gets going either. We are on-hand making sure everything always looks and sounds as it should. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes dance/DJ lights, bluetooth speakers, vocal microphones and more. To discuss your special occasion with us, fill out a form and we’ll contact you within two business days to get your event rolling!

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