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Tips for Choosing Your Corporate Event Theme

A strong corporate event theme is more than just coordinating the decor, dress code and menu (though those are important too!). It’s a way to build buzz for your event and bring the entire experience together in conjunction with your mission and goals.

Before we get into corporate event theme ideas, here are some tips to help you narrow down your overall choices:

Review your event goal(s)

Consider the key messages, lessons, or ideas you’d like your guests to walk away with, and make sure those are applicable to your theme.

Consider the tone of your event

The type of corporate event you’re hosting will have an impact on your theme. For example, a retirement event for the CEO will have a different theme than an award ceremony honoring the achievements of your employees. You want the theme to reflect the tone of the event.

Define your audience

Similar to your event’s tone having an impact on your theme, so will your audience. What is appropriate for key stakeholders may not be appropriate for employees you’re looking to reward. You’ll also want to consider your guest’s demographics, such as their age range. For example, if it’s the kind of event where employees or guests may bring their families (which may include children), you’ll want to make sure to choose an inclusive theme. You will also want to consider the kind of involvement a given theme will ask of your guests. A Murder Mystery theme depends on guest participation much more than a Summer BBQ, while a Masquerade Ball asks guests to embrace a specific attire over a casual Carnival theme.

Consider the decorative needs

Some themes demand more specific decor to really bring it to life. For example, a Wild West theme requires more than standard venue decor. Cactus, hay and paisley-patterned items will all help bring the party together. It’s important to consider how a chosen venue can be transformed for a theme and if your event wants to take on the added elements.

Seek expert help

If you plan on working with an event management team, you can tap into their expertise. They’ve seen lots of themes over the years and will be able to shed light on what has been successful. They will be able to share ideas that closely match your aesthetic and your mission too.

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Corporate Theme Party Ideas

With those tips in mind, you can start considering the general categories of themes for your corporate event. Here are some of our favorites:

Themes for Corporate Events | End of Year Party Themes Corporate | Company Event Themes | Corporate Event Planning IdeasParty in the Past

Between the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, a decade theme has long been a staple for corporate events. And thanks to Stranger Things, the 1980s has also seen a jump in popularity. Most people enjoy dressing up in era-appropriate clothing and dancing to the tunes of that time.

These themes are also easy to adapt to almost any decade, since it mostly means changing up the dress code, décor, music, and food to suit whichever decade you choose.

Seasonal Favorites

There isn’t a shortage of options for themes that tap into the four seasons.

Gala Party Themes | Formal Gala Themes | Elegant Gala Themes | Fall Gala ThemesGlitz and Glamour

Roll out the red carpet for a fabulous Hollywood theme! This is a highly versatile theme and can be tailored to both casual and formal corporate events. A lowkey movie night with all the concession stand fixings or you can elevate it to a black tie affair with champagne and caviar.


This is a good option for those looking to incorporate some good old fashioned family fun into their corporate event. You can host it indoor or outdoor and feature plenty of classic carnival games like ring toss, balloon pop and skeeball. Make sure to serve popcorn, hot dogs, and other carnival fare, and hire one or two entertainers, such as a balloon artist, clown, or magician, to add to the fun.

Masquerade Ball

If you need an elegant and upscale corporate event theme, the masquerade ball is the perfect opportunity for guests to dress in their finest attire for a special night out. Make sure to add opulent touches like fountains and decorative pillars. You can serve charcuterie and hors d’oeuvres, decadent desserts and cocktails, and let your guests enjoy a memorable masked evening.

Gala Party Themes | Formal Gala Themes | Elegant Gala Themes | Fall Gala ThemesCasino Night

This theme is all about the gaming options. Think poker tables, slot machines or roulette tables. But it’s important to pick games that most of your guests will know how to play or will be easy to learn. A nice added touch is renting a professional dealer for the day.

While a sit-down meal is more common for corporate events, it isn’t the right fit for a casino party. Instead, you should opt for a buffet or passed appetizers. Having drinks served at the bars but also passed around by wait staff will also make it have a more authentic casino feel.

Wild West

A Western-style is a fun, laid back corporate event theme. Guests can dress up in cowboy or cowgirl gear. You can decorate with cactus, hay and paisley-patterned items. Other fun touches include Wanted posters, barrels and Sheriff badges for name tags. The menu can include western-style fried chicken with gravy, bacon-wrapped pork and mashed potatoes.

Murder Mystery

This is an entertaining theme that is sure to keep guests engaged the entire time! You can create a storyline then assign different characters and roles, which may require guests to wear specific attire. The decor can also coincide with your plot. Plus, you can have fun with signature drinks like Bloody Marys.

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